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Welcome to the 7th year of International Eyesight Awareness Week which this year takes place 22nd-28th October.


Vision problems are multiplying at epidemic proportions in our society - not only for adults, but also for children - and the object of this Awareness Week is to make the public know that there is an alternative to glasses, contact lenses and laser therapy to improve eyesight.

Few people are aware of the option of improving eyesight naturally. All that most of us know is that when our eyesight deteriorates, we can choose between either (stronger) glasses, contact lenses, or taking the chance on the currently popular laser surgery industry.

However, in the 1920s, a prominent New York eye surgeon (Dr. William H. Bates) developed a safe and effective natural option. Natural eyesight improvement takes a wholistic approach to seeing.

This website will give events, workshops, talks, vision walks, etc. that will be taking place over this International Natural Eyesight Awareness Week. Please check it frequently for up-to-the-minute happenings that may be at a venue near you.